Road Map to Progress


A well-developed road network is an indicator of the economic health and development of a state. All development sectors get benefits of improved road network. Road network fulfils a major role in the economy involving a wide range of industries and services from vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to infrastructure builders, services, energy providers, public authorities and many others. It is key factor to social, regional and economic cohesion, including the development of rural areas. Keeping in view of this objective, the State Government is committed and endeavors to implement the strengthening and renovation of all State Highways and Major District Roads in Rajasthan State. Public Works Department (PWD), Government of Rajasthan (GoR) has initiated Rajasthan State Highway Development Program (RSHDP) which aims to improve efficiency and safety of road transport in the state of Rajasthan. As part of RSHDP, about 2000 km of SHs and MDRs has been included under ADB financial assistance, as Rajasthan State Highways Investment Program (RSHIP). RSHIP shall be implemented through PPP Division of PWD, Government of Rajasthan which will act as the client for RSHIP
This initiative of the State Government will improve the accessibility network in the state towards overall socio-economic development.


RSHIP Investment Program Financing Plan is $ 1415 million. ADB share is 35.3%, Government of Rajasthan is 32.9% and Private Sector share is 31.8% in Two Tranches.
Under Tranche-I Four different packages with a combined length of 980 Km in sixteen roads with the total project cost of Rs. 2452.37Cr in all four packages have been taken up with three packages in Annuity mode and one package in EPC mode.
In Tranche-II 754 Km of road length four packages in EPC mode and 2 packages in Hybrid Annuity mode with combined road length of 754 Kms. The total project cost o of tranche-II is 1866.44Cr in eleven roads.
In Annuity Mode Construction and Concession Periods are 2 and 10 years respectively and in EPC Mode Construction and Concession Periods are 2 and 5 years respectively.

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