Office Vastu Shastra: Creating a Positive Workspace

Office Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that provides guidelines for creating a positive and harmonious workspace. From the entrance to seating arrangements, reception, pantry, and more, Vastu covers various aspects of the office environment. By incorporating Office Vastu principles, businesses aim to navigate economic uncertainties and enhance overall well-being. Here are some essential Vastu tips for offices:

1. What is Office Vastu Shastra?

  • Office Vastu Shastra integrates architectural principles with the aim of creating a harmonious workspace.
  • It focuses on balancing universal elements and attracting positive energy to the office.

2. Office Vastu Chart:

  • Office Vastu doesn’t just focus on built structures but emphasizes creating a congenial atmosphere.
  • It covers designs, layouts, spatial arrangements, and ground preparations.

3. Vastu Tips for Seating Arrangement:

For Managers and Owners:

  •   Best directions: North, East, and North-East for growth and opportunities.
  •   Team leaders face North-East; cabins for leaders in the West.
  •   Business owners’ best directions: East and North; face these directions for positive energy.

For Employees:

  •   Best directions: North and East for increased productivity.
  •   Avoid having a light beam directly above an employee’s head.

4. Vastu Tips for Office Entrance:

  • Best directions: East or North; entrance can also be in North-East or North-West.
  • Avoid obstacles at the entrance; ensure a clear path for positive energy flow.
  • Opening the entrance door into an interior wall is forbidden for positive energy flow.

5. Vastu Tips for Reception Area:

  • Set reception in North-East or East direction.
  • Receptionist faces North or East.
  • Company profile/logo on the Southern wall; reception table diagonally to the front door.
  • Decorate with flowers like lavender or green jade for a positive aura.

6. Vastu Tips for Pantry/Canteen:

  • Best direction: South-East.
  • Avoid Pantry in the North direction.
  • Paint walls with shades of blue; avoid red or pink.
  • Place green plants for increased productivity.

7. Vastu Tips for Staircase:

  • Best directions: South or South-West.
  • Avoid placing the staircase in the center of the office.
  • Paint staircases in subtle light colors; avoid black or red.
  • Place plants at the corners of each step for positive energy.

8. Vastu Tips for Home Office:

  • Best directions: South-West or West for stability and growth.
  • Paint in cream, light yellow, light green, or light gold.
  • Avoid black, blue, or their shades for a home office.

Implementing these Vastu tips for offices can contribute to a positive work environment, increased productivity, and overall well-being. Seeking guidance from Vastu experts ensures a tailored approach for your specific business or home office needs.